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Animation-themed compound restaurant. And there are gentle and warm-hearted maids waiting for the master lady in Iris.

Provide a space for people who like animation and subculture to relax and rest, and a place for chatting, gathering, communicating, and borrowing venues for activities.

From time to time, small performances, parties, promotion of the two-dimensional and its derivative culture will be held. It is hoped that it can be helpful to creators, develop the integration of various fields in the circle, and promote the sub-culture.

The original character IRIS Rainbow Goddess-Iris, there will be a series of stories about the daily life between Iris, Iris Maid Cafe, the maids and the master lady. The story will grow with everyone, and there will be various interactive activities. Welcome everyone. Explore with fun!

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No. 95, Jiexin Street, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

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